i thought my sister wasn’t a really good sister.

she wakes up at 12 pm, eats like there’s no tomorrow, she sleeps like a dragon…and stuff (i don’t think saying it all out is a good idea :p)

she was a bit rude, she forced to kiss me in the cheek (yes i am that cute), and i remember it when i read her diary ACCIDENTALLY and figured out who her crush was.ha!

things was right on its way, and one day she went to college at Jakarta. i was happy. on the brighter side, nobody would turtor me for at least 4 years :p

so what makes me proud of her? haha hang on fellas. we’re not finished. not just yet.

one day she came back from Jakarta. physically she did’nt change much, but i knew something within had changed. something that my eyes couldn’t see.  she became wiser, she knew what to do, and she knew what she were doing.

i must say, MAYBE SHE’S NOT THAT BAD. but later on, she kept on changing (in a good way of course), until now, she’s studying in at China. yes, she graduated about a year ago, and mommy sent her to China so she can make up her life there  (and i hope she’s doing it right now. AREN’T YOU??)

eitherway, mommy’s here keeps talking (or bragging) about her study, her job etc etc. yes, mommy’s always been proud of her, and so is daddy. hahahaha okay i’ll let her take it as a compliment.

for me, now she’s more than a sister. she’s my best friend, a partner in crime, the best supporter through my hard times, and a talkative buyer everytime we’re on the phone, nitip ini dan itu.hahaha

yes, i know what you’re questioning about. how did she make it?

i’m gonna answer, i don’t really know. maybe things became so easy for her back when she was still at Jakarta..or another possibility that’s gonne be too long to write down. but at least i know what she will say when you ask the question. she’ll say it’s because of GOD 🙂 and i know the progress wasn’t easy.hahaha good for you sistah!

yes, sister. I AM PROUD OF YOU. make sure you’re doing the best for mom and dad (you’d better be), do not disappoint them!

xoxo, your tiny little sister

muachks :*